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Anonymous: Have you had any love interests since being abroad?

maybe, maybe c: 

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tree tree tree im a tree (at Queen Street, Auckland)

Spotted Eyes Planter // $50

Hands by Mojo Wang

i made another sex playlist 

this is turning into an annual thing for me hm

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"Hike the goddamn Appalachian Trail—while you’re at it, hike the Pacific Crest Trail, too. Drive across the country and back, zig-zagging and hitting all the places you absolutely can. Live out of your car. Find out where you sleep that night. Keep your belongings in your trunk, and camp underneath the stars. Attend Burning Man. Several times. Skinny dip in a pond you found with someone you want to kiss and drink too much moonshine. Run barefoot and topless in the woods, chase the person in front of you and giggle when the person chasing behind catches up. Learn how to hoop. Do yoga on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Explore the beauty of New England’s forests. Lay on the rocks of Washington State’s coast and watch the waves crash. Build a fire on the beach and make love under the stars. Wake up with sand in every which place and a sun peaking out of the ocean. Spend an entire day learning how to surf, and smile every time you fall. Longboard barefoot along unknown streets at 5pm—watch the sky turn from a hazy pot of pastel paint, to a dark, star speckled landscape. Drive along well-worn roads, and stop at fruit stands. Watch thunderstorms while sitting on the back of your trunk. Find a beautiful camp site to call home for a few nights. Don’t worry about the next time you’ll make it to a shower, or connect to wifi. Let strangers become friends, allow friends to become lovers.

Chase nature every day, and I guarantee, it will chase you back."
My belief on how to live a happy life (via mangoesandhoes)

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oh i’d love to have this