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DAY TWO: diggin’ holes on hot water beach, kayaking in a marine reserve, exploring narnia (foreal), etc | #tgslife #thefellowsheep #newzealand
no data and infrequent wifi is a curse and a blessing—give me some slack for the tiny spam ☺️
DAY ONE: soaking in hot springs, and looking at views like these on a train | #tgslife #thefellowsheep #newzealand
"the world loves to be deceived"
breakfast at the french farmers market // #chiapudding #auckland  (at La Cigale French Market & Bistro)
Anonymous: Have you had any love interests since being abroad?

maybe, maybe c: 

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tree tree tree im a tree (at Queen Street, Auckland)

Spotted Eyes Planter // $50

Hands by Mojo Wang

i made another sex playlist 

this is turning into an annual thing for me hm

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